Mediation and representation

In complex legal situations, fast, efficient, and often customized solutions are required as well as active participation in legal proceedings. People with a high level of employment or lacking the necessary knowledge in the field of law, these situations cost a lot of time and stress. In this case, a legal representation and mediation service is required.

Experienced and responsible lawyer Daiva Gineikaitė always finds a convenient legal position for clients, makes them feel calm and secure, professionally prepares the necessary procedural documents, closely monitors and participates in legal proceedings, conducts discussions, provides detailed consultations.

  • Representation and mediation in negotiation processes;
  • in domestic and labour disputes;
  • preparing and presenting procedural documents;
  • identifying facts pertaining to law,
  • in the divorce process;
  • damages, debt collection processes;
  • conflicts in land, labour, and obligations.